Feature for July/August 2012 -
Our Reader Reviewers!

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Thank you to our Reader/Reviewers!

This month we would like to say “Thank you!” to our Reader Reviewers who offer our writers and authors that critical input from readers prior to publication.

We have had the great privilege of meeting readers from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between. We love their gracious dedication to agreeing to read, sometimes a 400 page manuscript, responding to 30 or more questions, and sometimes, going above and beyond, by annotating manuscript pages! Our Reader Reviewers rock! They inform the writer of what’s good and what’s not so good, and what’s still needed. Why, would anyone volunteer for this, you might ask? These readers love books—our common ground.

So, going forward, the month of October, is designated our Reader Recognition Month! Thank you, Reader Reviewers, for your generous, careful, and significant contributions to our writers and authors. Your support is awe-inspiring.

For the months of October and November, all our past Reader Reviewers will be gifted one of our books, their choice. Thank you from Word Keepers, Inc.!

Word Keepers, Inc. continues its request for individuals to participate in “Reader Reviews” of manuscripts not-yet-under contract. “Reader Reviews” serve as a valuable tool to help authors wanting to connect directly with readers prior to the publication of their book manuscripts. For the author, “Reader Reviews” provide a way to hear directly from readers during a critical phase of final development edits. These reviews also offer comment directly from book buyers. For the publisher, the reviews affirm that readers are responsive to the author’s book. And to the readers, the reviews serve as a way to contribute to the literary development of an author’s career … readers are our reason for writing and publishing our books.

Word Keepers, Inc. is currently looking for “Readers” for the following book manuscripts:

  • Pillar of Fire by Teresa Untiedt (fiction)

Readers will be given a copy of the manuscript, along with a review questionnaire. Readers commit to reading the manuscript and completing the questionnaire. If the work is published, the “Reader” will be listed by name in the Acknowledgments by the author and the publisher and receive an autographed copy of the book.

If you would like to contribute to the process of Reader Reviews, please contact us for further details. You, the reader, after all, are an author’s best critic.

Click HERE for more detailed information on reader / reviewer requirments.

Thank you,
Toni Holm-Tice


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