Five Questions That Change Everything: Life Lessons at Work by John Scherer
Life Lessons at Work

AUTHOR:  John Scherer
Foreword by Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD
HOMETOWN:  Seattle, Washington
ISBN:  9780979531521

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ABOUT THE BOOK - “Everyone gets the experience.  Some get the lesson.” This quote by T.S. Eliot captures the essence of Five Questions That Change Everything. So what turns an experience into a learning opportunity?  It’s not what happens in the seminar, workshop or classroom.  A certain number of people who attend any one of these still don’t learn a thing!  It has to do with your attitude, the way you approach the experience.  The only requirement is that you seek the lesson in the experience.  And the more you need that lesson, the more likely it is to show up in your everyday experiences through your relationships.  If you could start to see your entire life—relationships, work, recreation, and devotional practice--as a classroom, then all the “stuff” that happens to you every day, at work, for instance, could be seen as grist for your learning mill, could become the “curriculum” for your development “course” you are taking in this life.  To know yourself allows you to know every other human.  The kind of learning we humans are here to receive is not just about mastering a subject or a set of skills—the object of most classrooms.  This classroom is more about the self-mastery to learning how to manage things like success, failure, fear, pride, confusion, and/or anger. What if you held those “turkeys” you have to work with every day as your “faculty,” carefully selected by the universe to be the perfect teachers for you, bringing up exactly what you need to be learning or developing next? When you can hold what happens at work—or anywhere else in life—this way, then “class is always in session,” and that changes everything.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – After finishing his four-year Navy tour of duty John enrolled in the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Columbia, SC. He graduated with honors, and served an Internship in Norfolk, VA, where he conducted one of the nation's first Street Ministries, doing crisis intervention work with "people of the night." His reputation as a facilitator of change grew, and he responded to more invitations from business and non-profit organizations for leadership seminars and conflict resolution interventions.

In 1982 he founded his own leadership and organization development (OD) firm. Since then he has worked with organizations and their leaders from around the world, including Boeing, GTE, Ford, Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation, Polaroid, AEtna, The US Army, Northern Telecom, ACE Hardware, TV New Zealand, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Pathways Polska, Siemens, DHL, and many others. Each year he addresses conferences as a keynote speaker.

He is a Member of The World Business Academy, The OD Network, The Transformational Leaders Council, and a founder of The Global Alliance. His Executive Development Intensive (EDI), started in 1987, was among the first solo, holistic programs of its kind.

In November, 2007, Stephen Covey’s organization named John one of America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders for 2008 in Personal Excellence. He is a pioneer in the emerging field that shares the name of his 1993 book, Work and the Human Spirit, and is the author or creator of over a hundred articles, video programs, and on-line resources in the fields of high-performance leadership development, conflict resolution, and unleashing the human spirit at work. Over 5,000 people from around the world receive his weekly newsletter. Based in Seattle, WA, John has four grown children, plays the guitar, runs or swims (he still does the butterfly) and does yoga daily, and loves to read a good spy novel. You may visit his website at www.the5questions.com.

PRICE:  $19.95
FORMAT:  Paperback
PAGES:  320
ON SALE: March, 2009
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  • Sets a new standard of excellence for the impact of spirituality in readers’ lives
  • Uses words that are simple enough to be easily understood, yet deep enough to be profound. This book fits all levels of people
  • Gets to the root of any problem, helping readers find their own answers


Men and women who want a deeper understanding of life’s lessons reflected in the framework of our workplace relationships as a classroom, which becomes the curriculum for a development “course” for life. A must read for anyone who works with, manages, or leads people, and that’s just about all of us.


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