The Sequoia Seed: Remembering the Truth of Who You Are by Karen WrightTHE SEQUOIA SEED
Remembering the Truth
of Who You Are

AUTHOR: Karen Wright
HOMETOWN: Spokane, Washington
ISBN: 978-0-9649679-3-9

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Karen Wright - Author, The Sequoia SeedABOUT THE BOOK - Deep in an ancient forest of giant sequoias, a small cone waits patiently to release new life. Over the mountain ridge, a wildfire is rapidly approaching. It will destroy all in its path. But, paradoxically, the fire’s intense heat will release the tiny seed, smaller than a flake of oatmeal, from the dormant cone and new life will amazingly take root. So it is for us. Problems, difficult people, tragedies—these are our fires; these are our teachers. The fires of our crises and tragedies can destroy us. Or, they can lead us to the deeper truth of what life can be. Written in an easy conversational style, each chapter is a stand alone with an intended focus. Included are stories from Karen’s international e-zine audience who share stories of how they’ve faced their own fires. How well are you managing yourself in this journey of life? The Sequoia Seed gives you the litmus tests: Decidophobia; The Balancing Act; Out of the Land of Lack, Driving with the Brake On, etc. Karen Wright captures, in a profound tongue of everyday challenges, humanity’s journey of spiritual awakening.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Karen Wright’s life reflects her favorite Marcel Proust quote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Her nomadic search for Self, exploring numerous careers and locales, became her soul’s curriculum. She learned to let go of fear, listen to inner guidance, and come home to her own spirit. “It is the longest journey and the shortest distance,” she confides. “With a shift in thought, entire lives can change.”

Karen is the author of the internationally read Waking Up, a provocative and life-enhancing online e-zine with a fiercely loyal following. Her writing speaks of everyday challenges with self-worth, fear, life purpose, encouraging us to courageously embrace the unknown and realize our destined greatness. Karen resides is the Pacific Northwest close to family and the nurturing sustenance of undisturbed natural beauty. You may visit her website at http://www.wrightminded.com.

PRICE: $15.00
FORMAT: Paperback
WIDTH: 7.5
PAGES: 161
ON SALE: June 2008
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  • Bite-size stories in an easy essay style voice of stand-alone chapters that move readers along on a personal journey of possibilities to their own magnificence
  • Encourages readers to punch holes through the walls of illusion they’ve created to hide from responsibility and take action
  • Helps readers dare to question and be accountable for the choices they’ve made thus far through real-life dilemmas from real people who didn’t have all the answers
  • Author uses an ordinary voice from personal experiences to demonstrate vulnerability and share profound messages that are universal for the human condition


An international audience of readers, especially Baby Boomers, and readers like those from the author’s e-zine subscribers who encouraged her to write a book in the spirit of her monthly self-empowering newsletters.


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"It is not what happens to you that determines your fate. It is what you do next."     - Karen Wright, The Sequoia Seed

Karen Wright's book, The Sequoia Seed, begins with an explanation of how the magnificent Sequoia tree reproduces itself. It's tiny seeds may lie dormant on the forest floor for many, many years before a fire comes along. The extreme heat of the fire activates the seed, allowing it to sprout. No intense, burning heat, no Sequoia!

This is the metaphor that guides Karen's spiritual book. Her thesis: as humans beings we are also forged in the fires of the challenges that we face. No searing wounds or challenges, no re-birth and no growth.

In this way, Karen dissects numerous issues that may hold us human beings back from living life to its fullest. She discusses, among other themes, the ability to accept the end of things, or a loss, as a new beginning. She explains how and why it is so essential to live for ourselves, and not for others. She sheds light on why so many of us have trouble with this. She argues also for the important of taking stock once in a while, in order that we might accurately and honestly know where we stand.

Her book is simply written, and full of sound, easy-to-use spiritual advice. I would recommend it to anyone who is beginning or already on the warrior's path! - Check out her website for more information: http://www.wrightminded.com/




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