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I can speak of Toni only in superlatives. She is a stellar writer, screenwriter, editor, publisher, and creative force. She knows storyline innately-- a rare gift indeed. I had the opportunity to read Toni's script and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. If you have the opportunity to work with Toni, consider yourself lucky to have met such a creative collaborator and kind soul. She has myriad skills that very few possess. Kind, considerate and highly creative!

Laura Seitz, Owner of Inseitz Productions


I worked briefly with Toni and can attest to her dedication to a writer’s voice. She believes there’s nothing more powerful than a writer’s authentic voice and goes out of her way to support and nurture that voice. Unlike conventional publishers who often treat writers like machines that churn out manuscripts, Toni treats them like human beings. Additionally, she’s willing to take a chance on new authors who have a memorable message to share with the world … even if that message does not fit the typical mega-marketing projects of big publishers.

Martha Roden, Technical Writer & Usability Consultant (owner) at UI Writer, LLC


I worked with Toni during the development, writing, and publication of one of my text books with Prentice Hall. She is outstanding: talented, helpful, caring, dedicated, and always there with a supportive word. She left a void in my authoring life when she left PH to start her own company.

Frank M. Carrano, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
at University of Rhode Island and Textbook Author for Pearson Education


Toni showed me the way home. Her wise guidance unlocked my true voice and my potential as a writer. She is an amazing guide and mentor and I will be forever grateful for the blessing of working with her.

--Joshua McDaniel, Author, The American Messiah

Working with Toni on a writing project was an education and an inspiration both. She led me through the process of taking a rough manuscript to a submissible product that actually got looked at by two levels of editors at Penguin Books. Not only did she know her stuff, she nurtured and encouraged me every step of the way. What a valuable resource Toni is to any aspiring writer!

--Teresa Untiedt, Author, Pillar of Fire

"Working with Toni D. Holm is a transformative journey, an exercise of faith! Much like Elders in Tribal Councils, Toni is accompanying me into a "right" of passage of sorts. She does this with discernment, professional rigor, gentle nudging when appropriate and a razor sharp eye for potential waiting to bloom into being."

--Monique Marguerite Marie, Writer in becoming

"Perhaps what makes Toni unique is her refined perception of the essence in others, an indispensable compass in guiding a traveler such as I during my voyage of discovery at a soul level. When she knew I was ready, she left me standing calm, strong and gentle at the center of my authentic voice, finding within me the courage to walk through the fire of my doubts and fears, trusting that I would come out on the other side alive as never before."

--Monique Marguerite Marie, Writer in becoming

"After every coaching session, my batteries are always recharged! She's got a great sense of humor and a wonderful laugh. She radiates joy, a gift and a blessing to those who journey with her."

--Monique Marguerite Marie, Writer in becoming

"I would not have done well in a classroom writing course. I even became frustrated by some of the assignments that Toni gave me, but she did not insist that I had to follow a set learning template. She modified her approach based on my individual process. The outcome for me is a manuscript that has maintained the heart of what I wanted to say without getting the reader bogged down in the story as if they’re walking through thick insulation (one of Toni’s initial critiques to me and I am glad I listened)."

--Maureen Dudley, Author, Five Hundred Milliseconds to Extinction

"I came to Toni D. Holm with an idea for a book. We immediately connected and I have been working with her over the past two years. I have learned so much about writing but even more about life. Toni has enriched my life creatively, spiritually, and emotionally and is truly one of the greatest gifts in my life. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Toni will find themselves transformed."

--Catherine Hayes, Ph.D., Writer

"Whether one is a novice like me or an experienced writer, Toni D. Holm is the person you want to publish your work. Her integrity, mastery of her art, business acumen, and incredible depth as a human being are a remarkable combination."

--Catherine Hayes, Ph.D., Writer

"Toni D. Holm’s wisdom, guidance and intuitiveness are amazing.  As a new writer, she continues to encourage me, feed my soul, and allows my creativity to rise to the surface, creativity that I didn't realize that I had.  Toni has had a calming affect on me from the first day we talked on the phone, and under her tutelage, she brings out the best in my abilities.  I'm seeing everything more clearly and with a different perspective."

--Phillis Shimamoto, Writer   

"Toni D. Holm's ability to know what I'm thinking is a rare gift, and it's nice to be on the same page with her as I work towards a finished manuscript.  Toni has helped me immensely and has given me the confidence boost to know that I don't have to be a seasoned veteran in order to write a book.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to collaborate with someone of her caliber on my first manuscript."

--Phillis Shimamoto, Writer   

(Assignment and Purpose Consultations)

"Toni D. Holm is a phenomenal woman! She is intelligent, insightful, creative, helpful, generous, and strategic in her approach to helping others.  Recently she was a guest speaker on my Protégé telecourse calls and months later Protégés still refer to her sage advice. She shared her great gift of "seeing" into people and helping them to see themselves. She is a gift to the human race."

--Norma T. Hollis, America's Leading Authenticity Expert

"Toni has offered me such meaningful insight and spiritual guidance throughout the years.  She has been a path of light in times of darkness and has brought real clarity and calm in times of confusion.  She has, in sum, helped to make beautiful sense of my life on a spiritual level.  I am indebted to her for her wisdom and am so very grateful for her power, grace, and knowledge."

--Sarah Burrows-Rutberg, Editor/Writer

(Writing/Publishing Services for Word Keepers, Inc.)

"It has been a blessing to work with such a powerful team in Toni D. Holm, George E. Tice, and their extremely helpful, intuitive staff, which made the work of publishing my latest book an absolute joy. I felt their support every step of the way, which gave me the confidence to honor that voice deep inside and produce a book that is making an even deeper impact than I had imagined. I credit my partners at Word Keepers, Inc. for making this above and beyond experience possible."

--Linda M. Potter, Author, If Only God Would Give Me a Sign!

"The aspiration of becoming a published author, for me, often diminished into a deep-seated doubt that I had anything remarkable to say to the world. My self-talk was relentless. Who was I to stand beside the likes of Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, or Wayne Dyer? Who would pick up my book instead of theirs? As she often did, Toni said something that changed everything for me - words I have repeated to other aspiring authors since. 'For every writer there is a reader. I won't matter that other authors have said the same thing. Because for that reader, the energy behind your words will illuminate the message for them like no one could before.' That simply profound encouragement kept me believing in myself and my dream whenever the doubt crept in. Toni is a amazing gift to every voice the world is longing to hear."

--Karen Wright, Author, The Sequoia Seed: Remembering the Truth of Who You Are (2009)




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