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Writer Services
Coaching & Consultation:

- A two-hour discussion and in-depth participation to reveal your Life Assignment and a one-hour follow-up consultation by phone to clarify your Purpose. Your life Purpose and possible purposes will also be uncovered in this process. Who are you? What are you doing here? What do you need to be about here?

Listen to the recording and hear the power of Toni’s gift and talent in assessing one’s Life Assignment and Purpose during an interview and presentation of her work:  "Successful Tools for Navigating Your Life: Assignment and Purpose" in a teleconference for an audience provided by the Norma T. Hollis team of personal development specialists. Just click the link below to listen and/or download. 

Click here for the recording of Toni's call.

The process of awareness starts with self-knowledge. What’s that one little thing in life that keeps glitching you? You can begin to understand what’s behind that question by knowing your assignment and Purpose/purposes. These are the keys -- 101 Basic Life Tools -- that help you fill in the mortar between the bricks of your foundation. You stand more firmly in your understanding of what it means to have dominion over . . .

  • What does identifying and living your life assignment as a state-of-being look like?
  • Have you ever ‘gotten up on the wrong side of the bed’ and your whole day was a continuous stream of the same bad hair day? NOT!
  • Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t break that habit of finding fault with every little thing and every little person that crossed your path at work? NOT!
  • Have you ever been in a love relationship that felt like you were wearing a big neon sign that said, "Yeah, that’s okay, dump on me!" NOT!

The "Have you ever’s" are life experiences when you are not in your assignment. The "NOT!" are what it looks like when you are in your assignment as a state-of-being.

I’ve spent three decades studying spiritual practices and participating in initiations with living teachers -- known by some as Ascended Masters -- to expand my awareness and consciousness of living my life from a position of Spirit-first. I’ve traveled the globe participating in what I call "the real work" of my life, while doing my day job of assisting writers in finding their voices; publishing books written by socially conscious authors; and helping visionaries ground the etheric into practical vehicles of change, through the written word, for self first, and then others. My work with writers, new and seasoned, is grounded in this spiritual work. If you would like to set up an appointment to participate in this process for yourself and your own self-knowledge, please e-mail me at wordkeepersinc@gmail.com. --Toni Holm-Tice

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