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Writer's Workshop:

WRITER’S WORKSHOP ($325 per participant) - Every once in awhile, all writers, whether seasoned or novice, need to partake in a refresher course.

Our Writer’s Workshop is a great opportunity to rub elbows with your colleagues, and leap out of your velvet rut to remember why you chose to become a writer in the first place -- to tell your myriad of stories through the eye of the beholder -- you.

The focus of this workshop is to actively show each participant the process of discovering your authentic writer’s Voice - your unique way of perceiving the world and expressing yourself. Once you tap into your writer’s Voice, you become a more powerful storyteller with richer, fuller stories that thoroughly engage your readers.

During the workshop you will engage in both group and individual exercises to stretch your abilities and write outside your own box. Gift yourself the time to collaborate with like-minded individuals and hunker down while Toni leads you on a writer’s walk about. Come to recognize your genuine writer’s voice and your signature genre. Walk away with the writer’s fishing pole ... not just the fish.

Proposed length: 3 hours plus a 1-hour Q & A session. Toni tailors these workshops to fit adult and young writers.

Available Workshop Topics are:

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